Corporate Sales

The Boeing Store can often offer discounts for corporate sales. Please review the following categories to see whether we can assist you with Boeing internal purchases. Click one of these links for more information:

Volume Purchase Discount
All customers (outside and inside Boeing) may receive volume pricing on quantities of more than 100 on select (but not all) items that we sell. Pricing varies depending on volume ordered (100, 500, and 1000+ units). Contact us at [email protected] for price quotes and product availability. Please tell us why you need the items and by what date.

Boeing-use Discount
Boeing employees (and employees of subsidiaries) making purchases for official Boeing use are eligible for a 20% discount on all regular-price merchandise. Official uses include supplier or employee recognition, marketing use, and customer gifts. The discount does not apply to sale items. To receive the discount:

  • Shop online.
    Corporate Card: To get the discount code to get the Boeing Corporate Sales discount online, contact [email protected] and we will provide the code. You must pay with your Boeing-issued Corporate Travel and Business Expense card (Boeing Purchasing Cards may not be used for Boeing-Use purchases at Boeing Stores). You will see the 20% discount reflected on all regular-price items at checkout. If the site does not appear to have sufficient stock to fulfill your request, contact [email protected] to arrange for more units. Please note that for online purchases, your billing address must match the address that your credit card bank has on file. Please contact your corporate card focal for assistance.

    ICAT: We can also process an ICAT (Intra Company Accounting Transfer) of funds and transfer the funds from the budget specified. You may download the ICAT Authorization Form here and bring into your local store or send to [email protected]:

    ICAT Authorization Form


  • Shop at any Boeing Store location.
    You can visit any one of our Boeing Stores or our Traveling Stores and receive the 20% Boeing Corporate Sales discount when you tell the Sales Associate that your purchase is for official Boeing use and you pay with your Boeing-issued Corporate Travel and Business expense card.
  • Contact Corporate Sales support.
    If you have questions or would like to request a price quote for a custom item or order, please contact the Boeing Store Corporate Sales Office:
    [email protected]

Custom Design & Sales Program
Boeing Stores Inc. has developed direct sourcing relationships that enable us to offer favorable pricing to corporate customers across most merchandise categories. Our highly skilled team includes retail and brand management professionals who have extensive experience in Boeing branding and corporate identity standards, corporate gifting, product development, direct sourcing and project management.

Please contact our corporate sales team more information: [email protected].

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